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Ever-Power Group is located in the standard parts distribution center---Hebei Pu Industrial Zone, Yongnian, Hebei, Beijing-Shenzhen Expressway, Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, and convenient transportation. Pulley products can be distributed to various places.

Our factory has strong technical force and complete specifications of pulley products. The main products are:Pulley, National standard pulleys, non-standard pulleys, solid pulleys, tile boxes, counter wheels, cast steel counter wheels, couplings, customized special-shaped castings!The pulley products of pulley manufacturers are sold to various places and are well received by customers!

For a long time, the pulley has been recognized by the majority of domestic users with excellent products and good service. The company...

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P Engaged in pulley products

  • We are a belt pulley manufacturer integrating design, production and sales.
  • The main products are pulleys, couplings, shoe boxes, etc.The product series are complete, the specialized manufacturing products cover a wide range, and the application fields are wide.

Provide professional pulley Solution

  • We have R&D laboratories and technical service centers, and have established good cooperative relations with many domestic scientific research institutions and universities.
  • It has a team of professional engineers, complete intelligent production equipment, and a rigorous production quality management system.

Technology as Core, Quality is Life

  • Economical: Installation efficiency is increased by 30%; steel usage is reduced by 30%; material utilization rate is increased by 10%.
  • Convenience: adjustable elevation and position; standardized products.
  • Safety and environmental protection: reduce multiple pollution emissions of sound, light, dust and taste.

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Precautions for belt pulley assembly

1. Gasoline must be used for the last cleaning before assembly to ensure that all parts of the pulley are clean and dry to ensure that the mating surfaces are tightly matched and free of oil stains and have sufficient friction. &ems...

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What is the pulley used for?

Pulleys are not only used on cars, they are mainly used to transmit power over long distances.It has many applications, such as the power output of small diesel engines, such as tractors, cars, etc...

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How to install the motor pulley

Small motors are generally smashed with a hammer. The size of the hammer should be appropriate. When smashing, it is best to pad iron on the pulley to avoid damage to the pulley.Align the keyway first, hit the wheel, and then hit the key.

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